Coverage Detail

Third-party (liability) and first-party coverage - provides protection to the insured for liability to others and reimbursment for expenses incurred

Defense option - option to select duty to defend or reimbursement coverage at policy inception

Extended reporting period - applies to crisis management and security breach expense coverage

Automatic 90-day extended reporting period for first-party coverages

First-party coverage for computer program and electronic data restoration expenses

First-party coverage for computer fraud and funds transfer fraud - protection for fraudulent transfer of money or securities or, with respect to computer fraud, other property

E-commerce extortion coverage - applies to expenses to deal with the threatened compromise of your network or data

Business interruption coverage - applies to expenses and lost revenue due to a computer virus or denial of service attack that impairs your computer system

Coverage for security breach remediation and notification expenses extends to:

  • Purchase of an identity fraud insurance policy
  • Credit monitoring services
  • Computer forensics
  • Advice regarding initial breach response

Defense expense regulatory claim coverage:

  • Not limited to specific governmental agencies and includes claims by any state's attorney general
  • Includes coverage for regulatory fines and penalties

Communications and media coverage - applies to content in any electronic format, including websites, electronic mail and social media

Coverage extends to claims seeking non-monetary relief and arbitration, mediation or similar alternative dispute resolution proceedings - coverage for punitive or exemplary damages on a most favorable venue basis

Network and information security coverage extends to:

  • Electronic or non-electronic data and is not limited to e-commerce, website or other specified activities or only to information "on premises"
  • Medical or health care information
  • Any private personal information that is protected under any local, state, federal or foreign law
  • Failure to provide notification required by any security breach notification law
  • Claims made by employees

Network and information security coverage is not mitigated by exclusions for:

  • Mechanical failure
  • Failure to maintain a computer network or system
  • Failure to maintain risk controls
  • Lack of performance in software
  • Spyware, cookies or other invasive devices or methods used to collect private information
  • Lack of encryption