Cyber Risk Insurance

Cyber Risk Insurance

One breach by a hacker or successfully inserted virus, one stolen thumb drive, or one lost company laptop and your enterprise can be brought to its knees. Finding and remedying any of these can be difficult and very costly. Cyber risk insurance coverage is the best solution to this modern threat. Regardless of business size, all enterprises are potential targets.
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what is cyber risk?

Generally, cyber risk means the vulnerability to intrusions, the resulting data loss and system failures which cause business interruption, reputation damage, legal compliance violations, and loss of revenue.

coverage detail

We offer the underwriting expertise needed to pair you with the appropriate coverages and access to both standard and non-standard markets with the financial strength to back its obligations.

our profile is a joint venture between the Poindexter Surety Group of companies, insurance specialist since 1994 and Gibbs Cyber Security.

reasons that you need cyber insurance

  • Because your data is an asset that can be stolen right along with your customer's privacy.
  • Because your commercial business policy doesn't cover you.
  • Because the cost of being out of business then complying with notification laws may mean the end to your enterprise.

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Preparing your enterprise for cyber exposures through insurance is a new risk control method. Although the market for cyber liability insurance is strong, it is expected to grow dramatically over time as business gradually become more aware that current business policies do not adequately cover cyber risks. With each announcement of a breach with leads to a significant business loss, awareness grows. The cyber risks for a business are nearly endless. As data breaches occur more frequently, there are additional pressures for business to make efforts to protect the personal information in their possession. In fact, there is legislation requiring the protection of personal financial information and personal health information in many jurisdictions.
Many businesses have general liability coverage (CGLs) to protect the business from claims of personal injury or property damage. Most standard commercial lines policies however do not cover cyber risks. To cover these unique exposures a special cyber liability policy is necessary. There are now many carriers that have made the commitment to underwrite and issue these. Like all new markets, coverage contained in the policy forms evolve as the risks evolve, as the courts define the limits of policies, and market competition begins to put pressure on the market participants. Being a relatively new product, every insurer will likely have its only manuscripted policy which may vary greatly from others.
We have spent a significant amount of time to identify the cyber risk insurers that offer the broadest coverage forms. Because your business and its ongoing health are important to us, we will make sure that you understand the special features and support services that are guaranteed by your policy.
Customer support and Consultations

We are available to you (yes, a real person) for a discussion about key coverage elements of a cyber risk insurance, you current cyber risk policy. If you are a current policyholder, our security experts at Gibbs Cyber Security are available to discuss loss mitigation practices.

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